My Hero Academia: Star and Stripe's Quirk, New Order, Explained

My Hero Academia has now fully revealed the quirk belonging to the number one hero from the United States of America and also broke down how it all works in the process! As the Final Act continues to reveal that All For One's plan is not just limited to throwing Japan into chaos, fans have begun to see how the rest of the world has been reacting to the villains. One of the most curious responses had been from America's own top hero, Star and Stripe, who is already on the way to Japan in order to help the country in crisis. 

As teased through the previous chapter of the series, Star and Stripe will be getting into her first fight against the villains long before she actually makes landfall in Japan as Shigaraki has flown to face off against her in mid-air. It was teased by All For One that Star and Stripe's quirk would make the rest of the war a "formality" and now the series has demonstrated just why as her quirk, New Order, is one where she can change the rules of seemingly whatever she wants just by saying it out loud. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 330 reveals Star and Stripe's quirk is called "New Order," and it's an ability where she can call out a target and assign a new rule to it after touching it. It's then explained that her ability can only impact two different targets at once, and one of them is actually her at all times as New Order gives her body near All Might levels of strength. This means her other declarations are active one at a time, and thus has to juggle them such as when she uses her quirk to create an airless vacuum or physically hold a laser beam. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem like it's going to be enough despite how powerful of a quirk this actually is. Star and Stripe manages to touch Shigaraki and orders him to die, but his body refuses since he's not really Shigaraki at this moment of All For One's possession. It goes to show just how someone terrifying like All For One could do with this quirk, and this makes it all the more evident that Star and Stripe needs to get out of this fight safely lest the entire world fall to run. 

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