My Hero Academia Reveals More of Shigaraki's All For One Powers

My Hero Academia's manga has cranked up the thrills and chills of its 'Paranormal Liberation War' [...]

My Hero Academia's manga has cranked up the thrills and chills of its "Paranormal Liberation War" arc. The pro heroes and Class 1-A kids have tried desperately to shut down League of Villains leader Tomura Shigaraki's evolution into the new ultimate evil - but they have failed. Things to years of plotting by All For One and his mad scientist Dr. Ujiko, Shigaraki has embraced his grotesque disintegration quirk's full devastating might and unlocked the true All For One power that was hidden inside of him. As the latest My Hero Academia chapter has revealed, Shigaraki is quickly coming into a vast array of new powers, that makes him virtually unstoppable.

Warning! My Hero Academia Manga 275 SPOILERS Follow!

In chapter 275 of My Hero Academia's manga, Shigaraki is in hot pursuit of Izuku Midoriya, driven by the insatiable urge to consume his One For All power. However, Shigaraki quickly finds that his hunt isn't going to go unchallenged; the top pro heroes (led by Endeavor) have regrouped from Shigaraki's initial wave of disintegration energy upon awakening. The flight-based pro heroes strike back, trying to tag-team Shigaraki into submission. Even with a boosted disintegration quirk, Shigaraki finds himself outmatched by the more experienced hero fighters.

...But not for long.

Shigaraki quickly begins to delve into what his new All For One powers are all about. Within a few moments' time, he manages to draw upon the various quirks his former mast stole, combines a few familiar attacks with some even newer destructive ones, to unleash a level of attack worthy of a one-man army:

My Hero Academia Manga 275 Shigaraki New All for One Powers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Search - Wild Wild Pussycats member Rag Doll's quirk allows Shigaraki to track anyone - but also to know intel and weaknesses of any pro heroes that Rag Doll ever met. That could mean doom for some big characters, real soon.

Air Cannon - During the Battle of Kamino, All For One devastated the Pro Heroes and All Might with powerful shockwaves from his hands. Shigaraki brings back that tactic - but with a more destructive upgrade:

Radio Waves - A new attack Shigaraki unveils is a quirk that disrupts radio waves and other communications. Combined with Air Cannon, the attack fries the entire pro hero squadron's comms systems, in one massive blast.

*Warp Gate - When catching up to Deku and Bakugo during the chase, there's artwork by Kohei Horikoshi that suggests Shigaraki also has the Warp Gate quirk used by his bodyguard Kurogiri.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.