My Hero Academia Just Killed Off a Lot of Pro Heroes

My Hero Academia has been building up to one of its biggest events yet, and the manga's latest chapter has changed the landscape of Pro Hero Society as we know it. Chapter 272 went live hours ago with an ambitious move by creator Kohei Horikoshi which has stunned fans. After all, it seems like scores of Pro Heroes have died while the villains' leader has been gifted a power boost like none other.

So please be warned! There are massive spoilers below for chapter 272 of My Hero Academia! We are talking about some big deaths, so only read on if you are sure you want to know!

For those who read the chapter, you will have finished the update with your jaws on the floor. My Hero Academia hasn't done anything this daring in a long time, and it is all thanks to Shigaraki. At the end of chapter 271, fans watched as the boy awoke after Dr. Garaki gave the boy an unknown power boost. And this chapter revealed the boy's Quirk is strong enough now to decay not just people but entire cities.

my hero academia

Yes, we said entire cities. Cities filled with civilians, Pro Heroes, and villains alike. No one was spared Shigaraki's wrath unless they could leave themselves, and fans know there are a few confirmed hero fatalities along with some presumed deaths.

It was made clear that X-less and Crust died as the former was near Shigaraki when his powers manifested. Crust was killed right in front of Aizawa as Eraserhead could not grab his comrade as he was pulled away from the battlefield.

As for those presumed dead, the list is not a pretty one. The manga set up a sacrificial death for Pixie-Bob of the Wild Wild Pussycats as well as Thirteen. These are the biggest named heroes caught in the fray, but the manga teases Endeavor could be injured as his sidekick could not contact him at the end of chapter 272. The Pro Hero was shown escaping the city with Mirko and another in his grasp, so fans will have to wait and see how the Number One Here fared.


As for the rest of the Pro Heroes who attended the battle, their fate is unknown. Shigaraki is seen thoroughly destroying much of the city which the Pro Heroes ambushed. The death toll is surely massive despite all the efforts put into evacuating the area, so we can only the Pro Heroes who survived this attack can regroup in light of Shigaraki's monstrous power.

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