My Hero Academia Explains How All Might Inspired Star and Stripe's Costume

My Hero Academia explained how All Might had inspired the costume for America's top pro hero, Star and Stripe! Now that the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series is setting the stage for its next arc, fans have gotten a brief look at how the rest of the world is responding to all of the chaos unfolding in Japan. As All For One prepares to make his move on the rest of the world next, the United States' own number one hero has already sprung into action in the hopes of taking down the villain as soon as possible. 

Previous chapters of the series revealed the first look at Star and Stripe as America's top hero decided to fly to Japan in order to take down All For One before she was officially assigned to do so by her country. She springs into action quickly because she's inspired by her "master," All Might, and while her costume seemed to be inspired by All Might's look in its red, white, and blue glory, it's soon revealed in the newest chapter of the series that one aspect of her look is directly influenced by All Might: her hair tufts. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 330 of the series kicks off the fight between Star and Stripe and Tomura Shigaraki after the villain met her in the skies above Japan, and it's soon revealed just how much of her fighting style is inspired by All Might, but much more intense. Not only does her quirk allow her to gain strength similar (but notably weaker) power to All Might, but it's much more aggressive in how she deals with villains. It all goes further into how her costume and heroic inspiration has been channeled into her work as well. 

She explains that she and her family were once saved by a young hero from Japan studying abroad in America, and she was inspired by the memory of his two hair tufts ever since seeing him in action. But she then states that her dedication to peace is even greater, and was thus inspired to have eight tufts of hair. This goes to show that while she's fighting for much the same side as All Might, there's a slight darkness to her actions that could be explored in the future should she survive the fight with Shigaraki. 

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