My Hero Academia Calls Back to All Might Movie Thanks to Star and Stripe

My Hero Academia has made a major connective callback between the main series and its first feature film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. That connective tissue is established through the newest pro hero character, America's top hero Star and Stripe, who first arrived on the scene with clear ties to All Might, based on her costume. In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, we learn all about Star and Stripe's origin story and how deeply connected it is to All Might's heroic actions in the opening sequence of Two Heroes, while the legendary hero was on sabbatical in America. 

WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 330 SPOILERS Follow! 

In the latest My Hero Academia chapter, Star and Stripe shows up in Japan to lead the battle against All For One, who has nearly seized complete control of Tomura Shigaraki's power-boosted body. Like any good hero/villain duel (especially between characters just meeting for the first time) Stars and Stripe has to monologue with AFO/Shigaraki, and happens to explain just how she was inspired to become America's top hero: 

"Years ago, a Japanese student studying abroad saved me. My family and I were on our way to the Santa Monica Pier when it happened. A burglar on the run attacked us in our car. 'At least let my little sister live!' I cried. I was ready to face death, but then... he was there. I'll never forget the sight of those two hair tufts! He was my role model from that day forward!!"


My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi has deftly taken a minor scene and the bit characters in it (the endangered family seen in the opening sequence of Two Heroes) and used it as the foundation for this key hero character. It's yet another reflection of some of My Hero Academia's core themes, namely legacy, and redemption often orchestrated on larger karmic scales. From the power of One For All to many of the core character arcs, Horikoshi loves to ponder the idea that the mercies and/or sins of one person reverberate through the lives of others in transformative ways. 

All Might's selfless act of heroism in his early days inspired yet another child to dedicate her life to his principles and example (like Izuku Midoriya or Katsuke Bakugo). However, it remains to be seen if Star and Stripe's unique game-changing quirk will come around to help All Might finally stop One For All... or if fate will be cruel, and payback All Might's intervention in that girl's life by delivering the one quirk All For One needs to finally win, straight into the villain's hands

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