My Hero Academia: Why Star and Stripe Might Lose to Shigaraki

My Hero Academia might be on hiatus when it comes to its anime, with the sixth season already confirmed, but the manga is still continuing to pump out new chapters which take place after the finale of the War Arc and sees the villain Shigaraki taking on America's number one hero, Star And Stripe. While Star And Stripe's Quirk is one of the most powerful that we've seen to date in the Shonen franchise that introduced us to UA Academy, there is a specific reason as to why Shigaraki might have this current fight in the bag.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 330, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

Since gaining the powers of the Quirk known as All For One, the villain of the same name has been slowly taking over the mind and body of Shigaraki, his young ward. With Star and Stripe's power allowing her to take control of anything that she touches as long as she says the name of the object and/or person, Shigaraki is able to evade this power thanks to the fact that Tomura Shigaraki might not be the villain's current name.

There are two reasons for this, with the first being that his name was changed from Tenko Shimura to Tomura Shigaraki by All Might after the young villain murdered his own family. Brought in by the head villain, Shigaraki took on the new name without question and set on a journey to destroy society as it currently operated, growing to hate All Might and the heroes in general. 

The other reason as to why Star and Stripe's power is ineffective is because All For One has bonded with Shigaraki, creating a new being, which the powerful antagonist explains:

"No longer All For One nor Tomura Shigaraki, we now meld into a new person altogether!"

With the next chapter seemingly being the end of the battle between the hero and villain, the world will become that much more terrifying should Shigaraki be able to steal Star And Stripe's Quirk.

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