New 'My Hero Academia’ Translation Adds Fuel To Traitor Theory

It isn’t everyday a traitor makes themselves known in My Hero Academia. Villains are easy to [...]

It isn't everyday a traitor makes themselves known in My Hero Academia. Villains are easy to spot in series, but the heroes of Class 1-A are pretty tight knit. It is hard to imagine any of them turning on the gang, but My Hero Academia did hint that may happen soon. And, thanks to some in-depth translations, fans have even more reason to suspect Yuuga Aoyama.

Over on Reddit, fans of the series have been busy going back-and-forth over Aoyama. The series' latest chapter made readers fear the worst about the character thanks to its disconcerting end. After acting a bit obsessed with Izuku, All Might's protege admitted he has never been able to read his classmate before. Things only got worse when Aoyama was depicted in some shady panels before going full-on stalker as he peered into Izuku's bedroom while the boy slept.

So far, the fandom is split on whether Aoyama is a traitor or simply obsessed with Izuku's power. Most are convinced the guy is up to no good, and one fan's research into his name seems to confirm as much.

The user /Yayuu on Reddit took time to breakdown why My Hero Academia's naming convention spells bad things for Aoyama. In the series, all of the heroes' last names have direct (or indirect) ties to their respective Quirks using kanji wordplay. The only two who are exempt from the rule are Midoriya and Aoyama.

"We have our hero, Midoriya. Known for being formerly quirkless, Midoriya's kanji has no relation to a quirk we know of. 緑谷 = Midoriya = Literally means "Green valley," the post explains.

"Next, we have the character we're scrutinizing, Aoyama, whose last name does not match his quirk either or any quirk we recognize so far. 青山 = Aoyama = Literally means "Blue mountain.""

The translations shows there are some interesting connections between the two heroes' names. Not only do they differ from the usual convention, but they are also foils of one another. While Midoriya is a low valley, Aoyama reaches up with a mountain. So, the post has fans thinking it isn't just the pair's names that are different.

No, if Midoriya is a hero, then Aoyama might just be the opposite of that. After all, if Midoriya did get his Quirk from One For All's carrier, then who is to say Aoyama did not get his from All For One?

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