My Hero Academia Finally Adapts Vigilantes Spin-Off With Shirakumo's Season 5 Debut

My Hero Academia has finally brought its Vigilantes spin-off manga to life with Oboro Shirakumo's [...]

My Hero Academia has finally brought its Vigilantes spin-off manga to life with Oboro Shirakumo's debut with Season 5's newest episode! Ever since Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's official spin-off of the main series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, first made its debut back in 2017, fans had been hoping to see the series get an official anime adaptation of its own someday. Not only does this series reveal many of the pro heroes and villains years before their incarnations in the main series, but it's the exclusive home to an entire arc focused on Shota Aizawa's past.

Episode 107 of the My Hero Academia anime series sees Aizawa and Present Mic head to Tartarus to investigate a strange set of mysteries surrounding Kurogiri, and they discover that this villain has ties to their old school friend, Oboro Shirakumo. It's this story that actually first made its debut in the Vigilantes spin-off, and a story that finally not only made its way to the main series with this episode (as it never fully hit the manga), but marks the fullest official anime adaptation of the spin-off series thus far.

As Eraser Head and Present Mic describe it, the two of them together with Shirakumo were once known as the "Three Dumbmingos," who had attended U.A. High School in the past. Shirakumo wanted the three of them to start a hero agency together after they had graduated, but as Aizawa unfortunately clarified, Shirakumo had tragically lost his life when a building suddenly collapsed on him during one of their work studies.

The thing about this story being in the anime, however, is that there is much more to it. There's so much that it would have been impossible to cover in the quick glimpses the anime gets to show here, and Aizawa's arc is one of the major reasons fans want to see My Hero Academia: Vigilantes get its full animated debut someday. At the very least, this back story deserves more attention than it gets here considering how important Shirakumo is to how Aizawa operates as a hero.

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