My Hero Academia Updates Season 5 Key Visual After Heartbreaking New Episode

My Hero Academia updated the anime's newest key visual after Season 5's newest heartbreaking [...]

My Hero Academia updated the anime's newest key visual after Season 5's newest heartbreaking episode! After returning from its latest break due to the Tokyo Olympics broadcast, Season 5 of the anime is back in full swing as it continues to set up its final string of episodes for this season's run. With the Endeavor Agency arc reaching its climax in the previous episode, Episode 107 was left with some final clean up as it needed to continue setting the stage on the side of the heroes for the major arc to come in the next season.

This final setting of the stage involves Eraser Head and Present Mic as they head to Tartarus in order to help get some information out of the League of Villains' Kurogiri, and the leading up to the episode hyped how it was going to be an emotional and traumatic experience for the three heroes. This was teased through a special key visual for the fifth season, and this key visual was updated following Episode 107's debut to include the major addition to the series in exploring the two pro heroes' past. Check it out from the anime's official Twitter account below:

The fifth season of the series will soon be embarking on its final arc for the season, My Villain Academia. This villain focused arc has been one fans of the manga had been waiting the entire season to see in action, and we have gotten a few glimpses of it through the episodes thus far. The anime has even outright spoiled how it will all come to an end, so that only makes it that much more compelling to see what the anime has in store for this fan favorite arc.

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