My Hero Academia Explores How Endeavor Got His Terrible Reputation

My Hero Academia introduced fans to the darker side of the heroic career with the number two hero Endeavor, but the newest chapter of the Vigilantes spin-off series explores more of the how he eventually earned his terrible reputation. The Endeavor we've seen here is even more intense than he has been in the main series since this spin-off takes place years before he eventually softened up. This Endeavor has been far more violent and aggressive with each of his appearances, and although he was supposed to be the "hero" of the last battle he really only made things worse.

Chapter 85 of the series details much of the fallout after The Crawler's fight with the Queen Bee possessed Pop Step and their eventual clash with Number Six. Endeavor was right in the middle of this, and not only recklessly destroyed everything around as he tried to take down Crawler, but destroyed his reputation with the public.

The chapter sees Koichi breaking everything down for himself following the fight with Endeavor, and he sees a news report that shows how the police and heroes told the story. Although we know it wasn't Pop Step's fault, to them she is a villain arrested by Endeavor. But as it turns out, due to her being unconscious and in critical condition, folks aren't too happy with Endeavor.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Endeavor Violent Manga Spoilers
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Many people out that Pop Step was an underage girl, while some are focused on all of the damage caused by the chaos and explosions in the battle. Therefore, he's gotten both praise and criticism for how he's handled things. This shows up a good example of how Endeavor earns the nasty reputation he has in the main series. Because as we learn, he tosses all of those more heroic qualities aside in order to chase All Might's powerful position.


It was only when finding out just how truly weak his rival could be that Endeavor started to look at his own heroic path much differently than before. The Endeavor we see here is far from the grown character that we see in the main series, and it's interesting to see him placed in a more traditional antagonist role as he interfered with the Crawler's attempt to save Pop Step.

But what do you think? Did My Hero Academia: Vigilantes provide a strong example for Endeavor's poor reputation in the main series? Is it chilling to see this version of Endeavor in its prime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!