My Hero Academia Teases a 'Vigilante' Villain's Nomu Origins

My Hero Academia's Vigilantes spin-off has been key in fleshing out more of the main series, and now it's teasing one key villain's ties to the Nomu for his origin. Because Vigilantes takes place a few years before the start of the main series, fans have gotten a different look at some of the prototypes of ideas that would be taken to the next level in the main series "years" later. This has been especially true for the Nomu as we have seen prototype versions of them in the works.

As we have learned about the villain Number Six throughout the series, however, he started to seem strange. Not only was his villain codename already strange, but he's been using a stolen power once taken by All For One. The newest chapter then confirms these mysterious hints that further tease how Number Six is probably a Nomu since he now can just brush off all of the damage done to his body.

Chapter 84 of the series sees Number Six confront The Crawler directly, and although his body is covered in massive burns from Endeavor's flame attacks, Six says that he's not worried because his body has a way of "dealing" with it. He even mentions how he'll be "fit as a fiddle sooner or later." But with a body like this, Six is nothing but rage. He regrets his existence and reveals that his body had been "cobbled together like a craft project."

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Number Six Nomu Origin Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

He mentions how everything about him is fake, and that explains why his grand villain scheme was poised around making a successful hero debut. Using a stolen quirk and orchestrating Pop Step's villainous attack were just ways to break out of his non-identity. Six vows to come back at Crawler someday, and this look into his past ties him directly into the Nomu experiments.

But there are some major explanations needed before we can say for sure one way or the other. Why is he sentient, when sentience is something the Nomus don't have in the main series (at least until several years in)? How has been able to hide himself so successfully as a human being for so long? How many people like this have been involved in All or One's experiments? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!