My Hero Academia's Newest Chapter Confirms SPOILER is Still Alive

My Hero Academia's newest Vigilantes chapter left fans on a deadly cliffhanger as it seemed like one of the main characters had been shockingly killed, but the newest chapter of the series thankfully confirmed that this is not the case as this main character is still clinging on to life despite the initial impression. Chapter 81 of the series ended with Number Six shooting Kazuho's possessed self through the heart as Koichi tried to rescue her, and all signs pointed to doom as she began to fall to the Earth lifelessly into Koichi's arms.

Chapter 82 of the series picks up immediately after this cliffhanger as Koichi speeds through the air with his quirk and he's able to catch her right before she hits the ground. She's alive, but she's worse for wear with ragged breathing. She could still be saved with quick treatment, but Number Six won't quite let that happen so easily because he's got something planned for her death.

Six reveals himself to Koichi and confirms that he didn't shoot Pop Step with a standard bullet, but instead shot her with a small syringe filled with a drug meant to control the explosive bugs. As Koichi tries to find help for Kazuho, Six then reveals his malicious intentions to him as he intends to paint Koichi as the villain who was controlling her actions from the sidelines as a means of making his grand hero debut as the second iteration of the speedy hero, O'Clock.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Spoilers Kazuho Pop Step Death Alive Confirmed Manga
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Kazuho might be alive now, but the drug she was dosed with is a special pheromone meant to aggravate the bugs in Kazuho's body. With their defensive instincts out of wack, they are gearing themselves to self destruct. Six planned this to take out both Kazuho and Koichi out of the picture with the hopes that the hero world would be none the wiser considering that they believed these vigilantes to be working outside of the law anyway.

This entire plan to make Kazuho a villain and get Koichi involved is building to their ultimate deaths, but it's not over just yet as Endeavor still has something to say about all of this. But considering this is the older, more violent version of the pro things might have just gotten worse for Koichi. What do you think? Glad to see Kazuho survived getting shot through the chest? Wi;ll there be a way to save her from Queen Bee's infection after this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!