My Hero Academia Reveals Just How Violent Endeavor Used to Be

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is currently in the midst of its fiercest battle yet as the Crawler is doing everything he can to save Pop Step, but upon encountering Endeavor, the newest chapter of the series shows just how violent the former number two hero used to be. Taking place years before the events of the main series, Vigilantes has had a few opportunities to show off younger versions of the pro heroes that we have come to know years later through Izuku Midoriya's eyes. Not every impression has been great, however, as Endeavor is in pure rage mode in this spin-off series.

By the time we meet Endeavor in the main series, he has been abusing his family throughout his entire pro career in the attempts of besting All Might. Because of this singular goal, he often treated the actual heroism part of being a pro hero as less important as he aggressively chased down villains. This in the case with Vigilantes' newest chapter as well as Endeavor is causing a ton of blind destruction to catch up to Crawler.

Following Pop Step's first Queen Bee possessed rampage labeling her as an official villain, Endeavor was called out to the scene for her follow up appearance. He already caused a lot of damage to Crawler's neighborhood with a fierce fire tornado, but the newest chapter sees him extend it further. He had to charge up his flames again after using his fire tornado, and Chapter 83 of the series sees Endeavor violently thrash his flames about to cause more destruction as Crawler enrages him further.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Endeavor Violent Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

He sees Crawler wearing an All Might hoodie, and it ticks him off to no end. Endeavor tries to throw flame blasts and misses, but sees Crawler's All Might antenna and gets even angrier. Thus Endeavor uses his Raging Assault Hell Minefield attack to completely blow up the rood Crawler is trying to get away on. This ends up catching the villain Number 6 in the attack, but as far as Endeavor knows 6 was one of the pros. Either he wasn't paying attention to what other heroes could have been around, or just didn't care.

It's a outsider's perspective on who Endeavor used to be as a hero before All Might's retirement and it sure is eye-opening to see the pro like this again after so much time. What did you think of seeing this older version of Endeavor in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes? Which version of the character sticks with you more? Do you wish to see him use these kinds of destructive tactics again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!