My Hero Academia Reveals New Details About Endeavor's Fieriest Move

My Hero Academia likes to prop up its Pro Heroes, and there are plenty of them to sort through. [...]

My Hero Academia likes to prop up its Pro Heroes, and there are plenty of them to sort through. From the big leagues to newcomers, there are heroes just about everywhere you look in the manga. Of course, that means we know a lot about the pros who show up often, but that doesn't mean we know it all. And thanks to a new chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, fans know a bit more about Endeavor.

For those curious, the information is shared at the start of chapter 50. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is in its endgame these days, and this chapter proves as much with its focus on Endeavor. The hero is brought in to stop a terrorist, and he does so with an all-out flame blast.

That technique doesn't work, but what follows is interesting. The picture painted of Endeavor in the main series is one of upmost competence, but he is less than amenable. That is true in this side story, but Endeavor must also take major cool down periods after he uses his biggest attacks.

(Photo: Viz)

The chapter begins with Endeavor's sidekicks rushing in spray the pro hero with extinguishers as he falls to the ground. Endeavor seems totally wiped out by the ordeal. Steam is shown wafting from his body as he tells the police they must keep up with Pop Step, but he has to wait a bit. After all, he just about expended himself fully with his last attack.

This moment of weakness is interesting as it shows Endeavor's limits. The hero has come close to that in the main series, but this all-out attack highlights his brash nature as well as his tipping point. A sight like this hasn't been found in the main series, and it may never so long as the pro plays his cards right.

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