'Naruto' Live-Action Short Taps 'Supernatural' Star

Naruto is plenty busy with its sequel nowadays, but the franchise has other projects in the works. [...]

Naruto is plenty busy with its sequel nowadays, but the franchise has other projects in the works. Hollywood is working on a live-action take on the anime, and it seems one short film wants to show the industry how to do the series justice.

Oh, and it has tapped the talent of a Supernatural fave to get the point across.

If you head over to Youtube, you will find Re:Anime has announced their latest project, and the indie group is going after Naruto next. After debuting a live-action short for Death Note, the team plans to share a short for Naruto in September that stars Osric Chau.

As you can see above, a few behind-the-scene teasers for Naruto: Kakashi vs. Obito can be found. The project stars Chau as Obito Uchiha, the former student of Minato Namikaze who began training under Madara after a mission gone wrong. Chris Pang will play Kakashi Hatake, and the short will feature younger versions of the characters as well.

For Supernatural fans, Chau will be a very familiar face. The actor is best-known for playing Kevin Tran on The CW series, but he is also a vetted martial artist. The actor took up Wing Chun in 2000 and became a member of the Canadian National Wushu Team before pursuing a career in acting.

As for anime fans, they are interested to see what Re:Anime can do with Naruto and one of its most iconic fights to date. The short will bring Kakashi and Obito's epic clash during the Great Ninja War to life. With Chau stepping in as Obito, the choreographed fight will be able to tap into some fast-paced action, and the project's short choreography clip proves that hunch is spot-on.

Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. The story follows a young ninja with a sealed demon within him that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The sequel, Boruto:Naruto Next Generations is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and featuring the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.

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