Naruto Pitch Pleas For a Prequel More Than a Sequel

Naruto is one of the most expansive anime series out there, and it is not even close to finishing. Sure, the original series closed shop a few years back, but Naruto lives on through its sequel. At this point, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has amassed tons of fans, but a new pitch has fans begging for a prequel.

The whole thing began after a TikTok by fuxion98 went viral online. It was there the fan pitched a prequel that would see Naruto pull its focus back to before the Uzumaki was even born. This pitch is all about Minato, and it has earned tons of kudos from netizens.

(Photo: Pierrot)

After all, the idea of a prequel has been floated around the fandom quite a bit. The world built for Naruto is huge, and it has a ton of history behind it. The biggest pitches from fans have always revolved around Team 7 in some fashion, but Minato is another favorite with fans.

It is easy to see why Minato is such a popular choice with fans. The Fourth Hokage was teased in the first episode of Naruto, and his legacy only grew as the series did. By the time Naruto: Shippuden came around, fans were certain the Hokage was Naruto's dad, and the theory proved true. Minato went on to have a sizable role in the final arc of Naruto, and his presence is still felt in Boruto.

Now, fans are throwing their voices behind a prequel that focuses on Minato, and some admit they want it more than the sequel. The hero's familiarity makes him an easy pick for fans wanting more Naruto without seeing their original favorites nerfed by age. So if creator Masashi Kishimoto has any more stories on the shelf, we would love to check them out!


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