Naruto and Boruto Are Topping Sales at TV Tokyo Right Now

You might be under the impression that Boruto is slacking in sales, but you couldn't be more wrong in that case. When it comes to success, Boruto and Naruto are doing rather well at their network. In fact, a new fiscal report has gone live for TV Tokyo, and it turns out the shonen series are two of the top titles on the network.

Recently, TV Tokyo put out its fiscal rankings for 2020. The document spells out what is coming for the brand, and it breaks down the best-selling anime of the last year. As it turns out, Naruto and Boruto are the top two titles, but they each take the first spot in different categories.

When it comes to net sales, TV Tokyo managed to put out a ton of merchandise for Boruto. The anime came in first place while Naruto followed in a close second. Yu-Gi-Oh took on third place before Black Clover and Bleach rounded out the top five. This category for net sales tracked the total income TV Tokyo earned from its sale of goods, so Boruto went the distance this past fiscal year.

As for gross profit, it was Naruto who came in first place with Boruto gripping second. The first three spots go to Pokemon, Black Clover, and Fairy Tail. For those confused about the category, gross profit is the income TV Tokyo made in a fiscal year after taking out the cost of merchandise production and operation costs.

Clearly, Boruto is doing well when it comes to sales, so the power of the Naruto franchise is thriving. The two series have been topping TV Tokyo's sales since they got underway. And as you can see, that isn't going to change any time soon.


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