Naruto Reveals Kara's New Mission in New Boruto Episode

Naruto took its time to introduce the Akatsuki and all of its unsavory rogue ninja, so we shouldn't be surprised its sequel has done the same. Boruto is finally starting to bring the members of Kara to light, and that means the group's goals are slowly being revealed. Right now, it seems the organization has a specific mission at hand, and the goal involves the retrieval of a rogue asset known only as the Vessel.

This new goal was laid out for fans in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The big update saw Kara come together for a meeting involving its Inner members. This powerhouses were gathered by Jigen after the transport carrying Kara's Vessel went down, and the asset has gone missing.

Boruto Naruto Opening 15 Vessel Arc Anime
(Photo: Pierrot)

In the anime, no word has been given on what or who the asset is. Boruto fans were treated to a look at the transport carrying the Vessel as their blimp was teased in a previous episode. Now, it seems something brought the airship down, and Kara is determined to recoup the Vessel. Jigen is the most eager to have the asset back in hand, and if you have read the manga, you will know why.

After all, the manga is much further ahead with its story, so the Vessel and Kara have been explored quite a bit already. Those who are caught up with the series know the Vessel is none other than Kawaki. You know, the same Kawaki who was shown in the first episode of Boruto fighting to destroy the Hidden Leaf...? The manga explains how Kawaki is supposed to become the Vessel for Jigen at a certain point, but the boy wants nothing to do with the crazed villain. But for now, the manga and anime are both unclear about where Kawaki's future with Kara will lead.

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