Boruto Wipes Out Two Kara Members in New Episode

Boruto is moving forward with its new arc, and the series is heating up now that its adaptation of [...]

Boruto is moving forward with its new arc, and the series is heating up now that its adaptation of the manga is in full swing. This week brought a new episode to life that introduced Kara's main members, and a few of them will be familiar to fans. After all, a couple of the group's gang has been shown before now, and two of them were offed before the new episode ended.

The ordeal went down in episode 181 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The update checked in with Kara as the group gathered for the first time in the anime. The long-distance meet up confirmed the group's mysterious vessel has gone missing, and it is up to Kashin Koji to locate the asset. But before he can do so, he decides to kill one of his comrades on orders.

As it turns out, Kashin was ordered to take out Victor after his betrayal was sussed out by Jigen. The Kara leader used Amado to figure out what Victor got up to in the last arc, so Jigen knows about the elder's deceitful actions. Kashin was all too eager to off Victor, and the old man's death led to another.

After Victor was dealt with, it fell to Amado to destroy evidence of the man's coup. That means the scientist was ordered to kill Deepa a second time. The Kara member was killed in the previous arc by Boruto only to have Victor revive part of him in a ploy to confuse Jigen. Amado saw through the attempt and used Deepa to discover the truth of what happened. Once that information was used to assassinate Victor, the only liability left was Deepa, and Amado was quick to kill the Inner member with little fuss.

Clearly, Kara is a competitive group to join, and its Inner members are as likely to join their comrades in battle as they are to kill them. This arc promises to shed more light on the organization as it continues, so there is no telling which member of the cell will be offed next.

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