Boruto Promo Details Naruto's Fight With Delta

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations details Naruto Uzumaki's upcoming fight with Delta with a new [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations details Naruto Uzumaki's upcoming fight with Delta with a new promo! The anime is now embroiled in a major new arc all about Kawaki in which the young boy has been taken into the Uzumaki household, and throughout all of this time Naruto has been keeping a close eye on the Hidden Leaf village in the anticipation of an attack from Kara. Knowing that they would target Kawaki, Naruto has been taking measures into his own hands. But as the newest episode tease, Naruto's going to have to test those measures soon enough.

The newest episode ended with a major cliffhanger that saw Delta rocketing into the Hidden Leaf Village and landing right in front of Naruto and his family. Naruto's going to have to defend his family from the mysterious Kara attacker, and the promo details for a future episode teases (and technically spoils) how this fight is going to go from here on out.

Boruto Naruto Delta Fight Kara Anime Cliffhanger
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Delta might have come to the Hidden Leaf Village at the end of Episode 197 of the series, but it appears that Naruto's fight against her will be lasting for a few episodes. The promo synopsis for Episode 199 of the series (as spotted by @Abdul_S17 and translated by @Bethannie_rose on Twitter) gives insight as to how this fight will be shaping up so far with, "In a fierce battle against Delta -- the inner sanctum of Kara -- Naruto and Himawari are struck by a destructive ray."

The rest of the promo then teases how things are going to get even more complicated for Boruto and Kawaki in Episode 199, "Kawaki defends them, but loses his right arm..." and from Boruto's perspective teases, "This is a hell of a fight...there is no way I can support them. What the hell is going on in this fight with dad and Delta?"

From the sounds of things, Delta is going to overwhelm Naruto with challenge as not only is she a fierce fighter with technologically boosted abilities, but Naruto has to also worry about defending his family at the same time. It's going to be a tough balancing act that we'll see play out over the next few episodes of the anime!

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