Naruto Showcases Sasuke's Concern in Sweet Boruto Scene

Naruto fans never really expected its heroes to become parents, but its sequel brought the Konoha gang into that scary new world. Boruto has spent most of its time focusing on the village's younger generation, but Naruto and Sasuke are often shown guiding the kids. Of course, Sasuke spends a lot of time with his own daughter, and a new episode of Boruto shared a sweet scene between the pair.

For those of you caught up with the anime, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations checked in on Sarada this week with its most recent episode. The update kept up with the Uchiha pair as they continued to train Sarada's Sharingan. After all, the girl has only unlocked a single tomoe, and Sasuke told his daughter he would train her without mercy.

You can imagine how intense the training session became once Sasuke got serious. The older Uchiha knows how to use the Sharingan, and he knows how to push Sarada to her limits. As you can see below, one scene from Boruto shows what went down when Sasuke pushed too hard, and it pushes back against his unfeeling persona.

The clip shows Sarada doing another round of training where she is dodging metal projectiles using her Sharingan. Sasuke is the one throwing the weapons, and they are coming so fast that the Sharingan must be used to dodge. It does not take long before Sarada gets hit and goes flying to the ground. But rather than standing back quietly, Sasuke rushes forward to make sure his daughter is fine.

The worry on Sasuke's face is clear, but he does not shame Sarada for taking a hit. He knows a ninja must learn this way at times, but he still shows his concern. This isn't something Itachi or Sasuke's father ever did when training and fans are proud to see how far the Uchiha has come. After all, Sasuke was never the paternal type, but he is has come a long way since his daughter was born so long ago.


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