Naruto Introduces a New Kind of Kunai in Boruto

Boruto Uzumaki may have a grudge against any scientific ninjas, but it must be said the team has created some solid inventions for the Hidden Leaf. From scroll technology to weaponry, the scientific ninja brigade is ready to pick apart old tech to make it even better. That is why a brand-new Kunai was introduced by Sasuke, and the Uchiha wants everyone to know how handy the tool is.

The update came in the U.S. release of Sasuke Shinden. The novel, which is set during the Boruto timeline, follows Sarada as she spends time with her father. Of course, she is joined by her teammates more often than not, and Sasuke tells the kids his new Kunai was created by the scientific ninja team for a special reason.

It is Sarada who notices her father's Kunai is red. That is because the weapon is made out of copper, and it was made to conduct electricity better than normal Kunai.

boruto naruto kunai
(Photo: Pierrot)

"With the traditional Lightning Style attack, you hit your opponent with a powerful voltage to cause damage. Boruto, your Purple Lightning is like that. But this technique is fundamentally different," Sasuke shared.

"It makes use of the fact that powerful electrical currents generate magnetic fields, a principle the scientific ninja team discovered recently. They're calling it electromagnetic induction."


This update not only gives a full breakdown of the Kunai, but it confirms Boruto is able to wield purple lighting. His ability to use electricity is no secret, but this specific brand of lightning is unique. There is no doubt a copper Kunai will be able to change some of Boruto's jutsu for the better, so the hero is going to have to reconcile himself with his prejudice against the field.

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