Naruto Raises Major Questions About Boruto's Current Karma Level

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to throw some interesting twists at Naruto fans, regarding the evolution of Boruto's Karma mark and its powers. Boruto's Kara Arc revealed that Karma is actually a method of eternal life through resurrection (by means of possession) used by the Otsutsuki Clan – a ticking clock of doom that has been hanging over Boruto's head ever since he defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The situation only got more dire after it was revealed that Momoshiki's possession of Boruto has reached as high as 80% completion – enough so that the fearsome villain is able to take control of Boruto's body, whenever the young shinobi's chakra is low. 

The latest arc of Boruto's manga has seen the next wave Kara cyborgs (Code and Ada)  target Hidden Leaf and its shinobi for revenge. Knowing how powerful this new cabal of killers are, Kawaki left Hidden Leaf in self-sacrifice, to protect the village and Naruto, who has been significantly de-powered by the death of Kurama. Boruto gave chase and caught up with his "brother," but was woefully unprepared for the level of twisted power and battle prowess that Code has. The first round of Boruto's fight with Code ended with the villain toying with the boy, in order to unleash the true monster inside: Momoshiki. 

However, in Boruto manga chapter 64, we get yet another strange twist on Boruto's Karma mark status! 

WARNING: Boruto Chapter 64 SPOILERS Follow! 

As it turns out, it isn't quite Momoshiki Otsutsuki who awakens inside of Boruto: Boruto is able to manifest all the powers of Momoshiki and even his look (down to the Byakuga eye), but the mind driving train is still in fact Boruto! At first, the inner monologue we hear inside Boruto's head is no doubt Momoshiki, who schemes on betraying Kawaki and feeding him to the Ten-Tails to create the Chakra Tree the Otsutsuki consume for power. However, once the battle with Code begins again, there's another shift in Boruto's aura, and suddenly the boy is back in control, instead of the monster! 

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Kawaki can't understand what's going on, but through the Omni-vision of her clairvoyance powers, Ada comes up with a theory: the Otsutsuki-suppressing drugs Kara scientist Amado gave Boruto are actually working. Whether or not that turns out to be the case remains to be seen, but this turn in the tug-of-war between Boruto and Momoshiki could be the foundation for how Boruto eventually unlocks the full potential of his Karma mark, without sacrificing his own mind and soul. 

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