Naruto Reveals Boruto's New Problem With Momoshiki

The Naruto Saga got a new twist in the latest Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter. We've known for some time that the dark legacy of Momoshiki Otsutsuki hangs over Boruto's life – but it's been a constantly-evolving situation. After battling as foes, Boruto destroyed Momoshiki, only to find out the price of killing an Otsutsuki was being marked (Karma) as the vessel for Momoshiki's eventual resurrection. Then it was revealed that Momoshiki was actually a parasitic presence lurking in Boruto that could take hold of his body. Now, we're getting something different altogether... 


Boruto Chapter 72 picks up with the shifting alliances that are happening between the Hidden Leaf's Shinobi forces, and the cyborg remnants of the Kara Organization. Kara's deadliest cyborgs Ada and Code fractured, as Ada and her little brother Daemon decided to defect to Hidden Leaf, along with Kara's chief scientist Amado. Code (an Otsutsuki true believer) got the advantage of Amado unlocking his full power levels and immediately put that new power to use transforming the Otsutsuki Ten-Tails into an army of demonic warriors under his command. 

Meanwhile, Amado alerts Hidden Leaf about the situation unfolding on the villain side, and arranges for Shikamaru and co. to cover him, Ada, and Daemon's journey back to the village. Shikamaru calls in Naruto and Team 7 (Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, and Kawaki) to prepare for what's coming. Boruto takes the summon seriously – but he doesn't make it a step outside of his house before the ghost of Momohshiki is there waiting for him in the courtyard. 

As stated, Momoshiki used to be a living presence inside of Boruto, able to take over his consciousness – that all changed when Boruto was mortally-wounded in battle with Code (by Kawaki's hand). Momoshiki had to sacrifice his own resurrection to heal Boruto's body, forever losing the hope of returning to life. 

...or so we thought. 


In a monologue with the "ghost" of Momoshiki, Boruto learns that the villain is still a presence in his psyche. Moreover, Momoshiki repeats his original threat to Boruto from the moment of his first "death": that Naruto's son will lose everything dear to him in the future. Now, Momoshiki updates Boruto with the fact that the time of deep loss is coming soon – and the goal will be to make Boruto so broken and hurt that he willingly gives up his mind and lets Momoshiki take over his body, for good. 

As always, this latest twist in Boruto and Momoshiki's connection makes us question what is truly happening in the eventual battle between a teenage Boruto and Kawaki, in the flash-forward sequence that started the series. 

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