Naruto: ‘Boruto’ Sets Up [SPOILER’S] Sacrifice

Being a ninja in the Naruto universe requires plenty of sacrifice. Guys like Kakashi gave up [...]

Being a ninja in the Naruto universe requires plenty of sacrifice. Guys like Kakashi gave up plenty to wear the Leaf Village's headband, and many others gave their lives. Now, it looks like a special jounin has set himself up as a sacrifice, and fans really don't want to see the guy go.

So, please - spare Katasuke if you can!

In the new chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans watched as Team 7 stumbled across one unexpected baddie. The group detoured from their mission with Katasuke to find Konohamaru after the elder went missing on a mission. When the team found their teacher, the group was cornered by Ao. The former war hero revealed his alliance with Kara, and this chapter followed Ao as he tried to kill the Leaf ninjas.

The baddie succeeded in killing one side character, but Team 7 managed to escape. Konohamaru told his students to get his intel on Kara to the Leaf Village while he held Ao off, and Sarada was horrified by the idea. Yes, her teacher is strong, but Ao is very powerful and was once a personal advisor to the Mizukage. There is no way to know if Konohamaru would live through the battle, but it seems Boruto will not test it.

After all, Katasuke offered himself up as bait.

"I will be more suitable when it comes to being the decoy," Katasuke said. "Please allow me to do so."

The man went on to explains his voluntary decision came from his crippling guilt. He was the one who inadvertently gave Ao access to ninja tech as he was placed under a genjutsu previously. The attack forced Katasuke to spill secrets about his work, and the man is willing to die if it means no one else is injured by the tech he pioneered.

Of course, Boruto negated the jounin's pity party with a rallying bout of Talk no Jutsu. However, fans are not convinced Katasuke will make it out of the battle alive. Naruto fans know sacrifice is often one of the best motivators out there, and the loss of Katasuke could push Boruto closer towards the ninja he's meant to be.

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