Naruto Introduces a New Villain in Boruto

Naruto has dozens of villains under its belt, and the franchise is only going to bring in more as the years go by. After all, the series is thriving with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and it is easy to see why. The sequel has put its heroes up against a new apocalyptic threat, and Naruto went so far as to introduce a new baddie this week.

The update went live when Boruto put out its newest chapter. The big update checked in on Kawaki as he continues to deal with the loss of his mark, but that is not all. We were also reunited with Code and Eida as their meet-up continued, and it was there a new villain was introduced.

As for the baddie, well - you can consider him a threat at the very least. The boy is named Daemon, and he is yet another cyborg created by Kara. Eida refers to the younger boy as her actual brother, so you can see why they were kept together at this hideout. And when Daemon is introduced to some guards, he shows Code why he should be feared.

Daemon goes on to kill the guards with minimal effort, and he does so thanks to a unique ability. The boy is able to reflect moves onto his foes in a word. This means that whatever his enemies want to do to Daemon will instead happen to them. For instance, a man has his head cut off when he goes after Daemon to decapitate the boy, and it happens instantly. Clearly, this is a formidable technique, and Eida wants to keep her brother around as insurance. Daemon will do whatever it takes to protect his sister, and it gives Eida a one-up on Code should he ever turn on her.

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