Naruto's Massive Death Has Made It to CNN and Gone Viral

When it comes to Naruto, fans know there is a lot going on for our hero. The Hokage may be on rest in the manga, but he kept fans entertained this last month in the anime with his latest fight. Of course, the bout left plenty of fans wondering if Naruto would come out alive. And as it turns out, the hysteria caught the news of CNN.

If you have seen Naruto trending with CNN, well - there is an explanation. The anime caught headlines all over the United States when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put the hero on death's door. However, no place freaked out more than Indonesia. The nation ended up covering Naruto's rumored death on CNN, and screenshots of the report went viral real fast.

As you can see above, the coverage was titled 'Naruto Rumored to Be Dead', and it got the nation buzzing. If something is going to make national news, you expect it to impact most of the public. You may be surprised, but Naruto does meet that criteria. Indonesia often ranks Naruto as one of its top-watching anime series online, so this sort of coverage makes sense.

Luckily for fans in Indonesia and abroad, Naruto did not end up dying. His battle with Isshiki was wild, and it even prompted the hero to unleash a new transformation. The hero was warned using Baryon Mode would cost him a life, but Naruto failed to ask which life would be taken. Instead, Kurama sacrificed his life in this battle to keep Isshiki at bay, and Naruto did survive the beast's exit.

Naruto is in a whole new world without Kurama, so the Hokage needs to figure out how to live life without his tenant. The pair might have had a sour relationship years ago, but Kurama and Naruto became unwitting friends after Pain invaded the Hidden Leaf Village. Now, Naruto, and only time will tell if the beast makes it onto CNN's yearly memorial. 

What do you think about this hero's viral run on CNN? Did you ever expect Boruto to make this kind of noise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.