Naruto Fan Imagines the Hero's Best Jounin Look

We have gotten to see a lot of the life of the Seventh Hokage throughout the years, watching [...]

We have gotten to see a lot of the life of the Seventh Hokage throughout the years, watching Naruto ascend the ranks of Konoha to eventually become its leader, but one period of his life that we weren't able to dive into was his time as a Jounin, with one fan deciding to rectify this "wrong" by editing an image from the sequel series of Naruto Shippuden! Though the time between the end of Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was mostly peaceful, we imagine that there were some missions that Naruto was placed on that were anything but!

Even though Naruto spends most of his days sitting behind a desk, assisting the people of Konoha as their leader in delegating missions and pushing paperwork, he has been shown to still have his fair share of battles in the current anime series. Recently, in the anime, Naruto fought his own son to help him in his training, which is insanely important considering the ever-encroaching threat that is the Kara Organization. Despite spending his years as the Seventh Hokage, it's clear that Naruto is still a force to be reckoned with, still relying on the power of the nine-tailed fox living within himself to help take down enemies of the Hidden Leaf Village!

Twitter User KakashiXY shared these edits of Naruto as the class of ninja, Jounin, which is one step above the class of Chunin, but below the classes of "Special Jounin" and "Kage" that sit atop the ninja ranks that help make the Hidden Leaf a force within the ninja world to this day:

Fans have been dreading the latest manga installments of the Shonen franchise as Masashi Kishimoto's story is seemingly hinting that Naruto might not be in the land of the living for that much longer. With the threat of the Kara Organization decidedly different from what it is in the anime right now, it will definitely be interesting to see what the future holds for Naruto!

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