New 'Naruto Play Proves Its Live-Action Film Can Be Done

It has been a whole year since the Naruto fandom learned about Hollywood's plans for the series. At last year's Jump Festa, the creator of Naruto confirmed he was working on a live-action film with Lionsgate, and fans have been concerned ever since. After all, it is exceedingly difficult to adapt anime for the big screen, but there is one troupe that knows how it can be done.

After all, Naruto's live-action plays have put out some costumes which rival the anime itself.

Not long ago, two new posters for Naruto's second stage play went live, and fans are gawking at the spot-on promos. The images, which can be seen below, highlight the teams of Naruto and Sasuke. Team Hebi is seen with the Uchiha leading while Yamato captains Naruto's crew. And, as you might have expected, fans are loving the play's aesthetic.

Instead of being overly goofy, Naruto: Song of the Akatsuki went an entirely different route with its characters. Naruto is given a simple blond wig, and his iconic whiskers look rugged rather than pained. His black-and-orange costume has modifications which make it more suitable to battle, and the ensemble is not so hard to look at.

As for Sakura, the medical ninja also got her flimsy shirt upgraded into something more protective. Yamato also looks more battle-ready with his reinforced uniform. Fans are particularly fond of Sai's look in the new poster thanks to his ripped torso and utility-friendly clothes. In fact, some are going so far as to say Sai looks better in the play than he did in the anime.

When it comes to Team Hebi, Sasuke's infamous outfit looks rather streamline in this live-action adaptation. Karin gives off a sleek vixen look, and Suigetsu's trademark sword is not one you'd want to get on the wrong end of. Their anime looks have been transformed from simple designs to functional pieces - and they look downright impressive.

So far, there are few details about Naruto and its live-action project, but fans are hoping it will lend itself to this sort of styling. The franchise is one that is world-renowned, and fans will not be forgiving if it flops like Dragonball Evolution. If Kishimoto can at least ensure his characters look good, fans will be able to hurdle at least one hurdle, and there is no reason the creator should fail at the task. After all, he has signed off on a project that has done it right already.


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