'Naruto' Creator Shares First-Look At His New Series

Last weekend, fans of Masashi Kishimoto learned the artist is planning a comeback soon. Jump Festa saw the creator confirm the release of his next manga series, and fans can get a first-look at the story now.

Thanks to the convention, a scan of Kishimoto's new work was shared with attendees at its Boruto panel. The image has since made its way online, and you can check out the black-and-white collage below.

While the pictures are hard to make out, fans can see a few distinct characters. To the left, a spread can be seen featuring two characters; One is seen wearing classes while the other appears to be a bulkier figure. The page to its right is more detailed as it appears to contain an action sequence with figures holding a sword. The final two pages are more obscured, but one figure can be seen clearly. The top-right sees an anthropomorphic cat character with a top bun and a cloak.

If you are not familiar with Kishimoto, then you should know the artist has been keeping quiet as of late. After he finished Naruto back in 2014, Kishimoto took a short break before he started working on a new series. In August 2015, the artist confirmed he was drafting a sci-fi manga series featuring a very unique hero. Kishimoto said he finished the character designs for the manga, and he intended for the manga to surpass Naruto in terms of quality. Lately, the famed artist has spent his time overseeing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as it moves forward as an anime. Now, Kishimoto can start shifting gears as his long-awaited comeback will make its arrival sometime next year.


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