Naruto Fan Recreates The Pain Fight Using Cats

Naruto battling against one of the strongest Akatsuki members, Pain, was one of the biggest fights to take place within the sequel series of Naruto: Shippuden, and now, one fan has recreated the titanic showdown that nearly destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village using some feisty felines. Though it has been years since Naruto stepped into the ring and battled against the villain that was responsible for the death of his master, Jiraiya, it's clear that the Shippuden brawl was one of the most memorable of Masashi Kishimoto's Shonen franchise to this day.

Pain was once a student to Jiraiya himself, unfortunately finding himself joining the Akatsuki and seeking to change the world to a scenario which he believed would be far more fitting to his desires. The villain had some insane jutsus up his sleeve, including essentially splitting his essence among several different bodies, proving himself to be one of the most difficult villains that Naruto ever faced. This fight didn't just save Konoha, it also was the turning point in terms of members of the Hidden Leaf Village finally recognizing that Naruto was a hero, rather than a ticking time bomb that was waiting to blow up in their faces.

Reddit User Durban Knight shared this impressive fan film that sees the battle between Pain and the son of the Fourth Hokage battling against one another, though the fate of the Hidden Leaf Village wasn't at stake this time around as cats were taking the roles of the ninjas, good and bad:

Naruto vs Pain cat edition(naxis_ns) from r/Naruto

Pain was defeated by Naruto when the fight wrapped, but Nagato, Pain's real name, found himself coming to an understanding with the resident member of the Hidden Leaf Village. With his defeat, Nagato realized that he was in the wrong and decided to allow himself to die, with his main body actually being on the verge of death thanks in part to his powers. Pain was one of the first characters to introduce Naruto fans to the power known as "Rinnegan", which Sasuke Uchiha would eventually learn in turn.


Naruto might have insane chakra that makes him one of the strongest ninjas in the world, but his ability to offer redemption to villains was definitely one of his most powerful attributes.

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