Naruto Sketch Gives Gaara the Character Design He Needs in Boruto

When it comes to Naruto, fans know the franchise's heroes inside and out. The series has been around long enough for fans to grow up alongside Naruto and his classmates. Of course, that gang includes Gaara, and fans aren't shy to share their annoyance with the Kazekage these days. The character is better than ever but his character design is sorely lacking. That is why one artist decided to mock up a new look for Gaara, and it is everything fans have asked for.

You can check out the look for yourself down below. The artwork was done by Reddit user Phennic90 after they did redesigns for Naruto and Sasuke. After all, Boruto has been famously critiqued for his character designs, and Gaara has one of the most insulting looks.

As you can see, this Naruto design gives Gaara longer hair that is more unkempt. This look still manages to be professional for the Kazekage, but it also keeps the hero looking young. The style combined with Gaara's Shippuden-era color palate is enough to make anyone nostalgic.

Hellloooo, the top requested was Gaara. So here is adult Gaara redrawn in the early Naruto Shippuden style. It was also requested that I change his hairstyle, so i untucked it and removed the products. Hope you like. :) [Mine on right] from r/Naruto

The rest of the design is pretty much the same. There is more shading done in this redesign, and it echoes the day of Naruto's past. Boruto has a flatter aesthetic compared to the one Naruto rocked several years ago. It is up for fans to decide which style they like the best. But if Naruto fans are anything to go by, it would seem the old-school designs and shading are the winners here.

What do you think about this new design? Does it suit Gaara better than his current look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.