Naruto Art Imagines a Different Look for Adult Sasuke

Naruto Uzumaki is known for his orange outfits, but Sasuke Uchiha has become best known for a different trait entirely. The heir is remembered most often for his wild hair in the anime, and his updo only got more intense when Naruto Shippuden came to light. By the time the Uchiha was an adult, Sasuke opted for a shaggy look, but one fan has decided to draw up some art that gives the ninja a very different style.

The artwork cropped up online from user Saschiha who post the piece. The artwork, which can be seen below, gives a side-by-side comparison of Sasuke in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to a fan-made design. As you can see, the biggest difference between the pair comes down to the hair. After all, the artist imagines a world where adult Sasuke chose to chop off his hair rather than grow it out.

The look is a startling one as it flies in the face of most Sasuke designs. The short hair is choppy on the sides with shorter bangs covering the front. It is far cry from the hairdo which Sasuke rocks in Boruto. Gone are the long bangs and lanky spikes which define Sasuke's hair at the moment. Instead, this fan-made design embraces a more boyish look that suits characters like Sai of all people.

Of course, fans know why Sasuke favors longer bangs as an adult. The Uchiha isn't one to flaunt the fact he wields the Rinnegan as it outs his identity ASAP. His longer bangs obscure his eyes and keep him safe. But if Sasuke were to have to chop his hair, he could always ask Kakashi for style advice as the former Hokage had to hide his Sharingan for years.


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