Anime Fans Rise Up After Viral TikTok Questions Naruto's Strength

Naruto Uzumaki has been through a lot in his life and for some time, the hero was the king of anime. Masashi Kishimoto's hero was at the top of his game during his heyday, and he's living on through his son. However, some fans are started pushing back on Naruto's GOAT status online, and the Naruto fandom is rising up after one of their own took the time to defend the ninja.

The whole thing took place on TikTok after the user shizzlemac stood up for Naruto. They stitched a previous video claiming that Naruto is nothing without his tailed beast, but the TikTok otaku was quick to lay out the facts about the Seventh Hokage.


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As you can see here, the evidence is compelling. Even without Kurama at his side, Naruto comes from a long line of powerful ninja. For one, Minato Namikaze was a prodigy with insane tactical skills, and Naruto's mother was an Uzumaki with insane chakra reserves. Even without help from Kurama, Naruto is said to have at least 4x the amount of chakra that Kakashi has, the silver-haired hero is one of the village's best fighters.

Aside from chakra stores, Naruto is packing tons of power from the Rasengan to his Shadow Clone Technique. Both of these moves are so advanced that few have ever mastered them. But of course, Naruto did so while he was a genin. The hero even went on to master Sage Jutsu and unlocked its perfected form. That feat is one that Jiraiya failed to accomplish, and we all know how the Three Sannin were revered.

Naruto is an insanely powerful ninja with or without his tailed beast, and that is a simple fact. When he has Kurama to lean on, Naruto becomes nigh untouchable, and that is why Boruto: Naruto Next Generations had to nerf the Hokage. Not long ago, the hero was separated from Kurama for good - or so it seems - which means Naruto has a lot of adjusting to do. But even without the beast, Naruto is plenty capable of protecting his village.


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