Naruto Teases One Kara Villain's Secret Power In Latest Boruto Manga

The Naruto franchise has introduced the evil Kara Organization in its Boruto sequel series, a [...]

The Naruto franchise has introduced the evil Kara Organization in its Boruto sequel series, a collection of psycho cyborgs whose bodies have been enhanced to unprecedented degrees with Scientific Ninja Tools. The threat of Kara has only grown worse as Boruto revealed the killer group of cyborgs is working for a dormant member of the Otsutsuki Clan (Isshiki) - and worse still following Isshiki's death, as the cyborgs that even Isshiki was scared of - Code, Ada, and Daemon - have escaped their confines and have teamed up to take out Naruto and the other powers of Hidden Leaf - including Boruto and Kawaki.

However, chapter 60 of Boruto's manga ends with the cliffhanger teasing that one of Kara's new villains is holding onto some secret (terrible) power that has yet to be revealed!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 60 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest chapter of Boruto's manga, we get the two-part story of how each side of the coming conflict is dealing with preparations for war. Kawaki is trying to decide what's best Naruto and Hidden Leaf, with the massive target his presence puts over them; he's right to be worried, as Kara is indeed simultaneously concocting a scheme to strike at Hidden Leaf.

The best advantage that Naruto, Boruto, and co. have on their side right now is that Kara's next wave of young cyborgs doesn't have their trust issues quite figured out yet. Code is intrigued about assessing and testing the unique power Daemon has, to reflect any attack or deadly intention directed at him back at the attacker. Code explains more of his own ability to lay his "tracks" down and transport himself (and up to one other) between them. Code's intention is to get Daemon to bond with him enough for the young boy to reveal the secret to his reflection power (and presumably the key to defeating it). However, Ada isn't falling for it:

"Daemon. Shh..." Ada warns her brother. "You shouldn't reveal your cards so readily, hmm? I told you already that Daemon reflects attacks. That's all you need to know. At least for the time being."

Naruto Teases Kara Villain Ada Hidden Powers Boruto 60 Spoilers

When Code questions where the trust is, Ada gives this ominous answer:

"Don't take offense Code. We only just met you know. More time needs to pass before I can show you everything."

Code asks Ada in no uncertain terms if she's hiding some kind of power from him, to which she responds, "Wouldn't that be interesting?"

So far we know that Ada has combat abilities that exceed Jigen's; she has clairvoyance that lets her see any event occurring anywhere, at any time during the span of her life. Ada also has the ability to influence anyone who isn't her family or an Otsutsuki to become hopelessly infatuated with her. While we don't yet know what this other hidden ability is, the fact that Ada has even more power that she's keeping secret is truly terrifying.

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