Here's the Conditions Hayao Miyazaki Demanded for Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind's Adaptation

When it comes to protective artists, there are few people out there as strict as Hayao Miyazaki. [...]

When it comes to protective artists, there are few people out there as strict as Hayao Miyazaki. The acclaimed anime director has created some of the medium's most charming movies to date. From Spirited Away to Ponyo, Miyazaki has wowed time and again with his films, so it isn't surprising to hear he's selective about how the titles are use. This is why no live-action adaptations of his films have been done, but that will all soon change.

After all, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is about to break the status quo. The beloved movie is slated to get a live-action adaptation in Japan with a Kabuki stage play. Fans were rather surprised to hear about the project given how protective Miyazaki is with his stories, but the creator did not agree to the adaptation on a whim (via otakujp).

No, the director had some strict conditions, and fans learned two of them just recently.

Not long ago, the team behind Nausicaa's Kabuki play held a conference where new details about the project were shared. It was there the group confirmed Miyazaki has turned down all offers of a live-action adaptation before now including an offer from Hollywood. The only reason Miyazaki was convinced to allow this play version came down to two conditions being met.

And what were they? The director required there not be a title change for the play, and Miyazaki made it clear he would not participate in any advertising. As it seems, the filmmaker has kept himself detached from the adaptation in every way, so the play's success will fall solely on its creative team.

So far, fans have yet to see this live-action adaptation as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is still working through rehearsals. The show will travel around Japan once it goes live, but international fans hope they'll be able to see the adaptation either in person or a home video release. As for Miyazaki, the director is staying busy after walking back his retirement more than a year ago. The filmmaker is working on his next feature film How Do You Live? which is expected to be finished after 2020.

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