Neon Genesis Evangelion Attraction Accepting Applications from Fans to Live in Tokyo-3

Neon Genesis Evangelion has long been considered to be one of the most legendary mech franchises in the world of anime, with Shinji Ikari and the organization known as NERV leaving a lasting impression on audiences since their inception, and now, fans of the anime can actually live in a replica of Tokyo-3 thanks in part to the attraction in Japan known as "Small Worlds". The futuristic, dystopian world of Evangelion is one that most people wouldn't want to live in considering the nigh never ending angel attacks that take place, but the world of Shinji and company is definitely one to marvel at all the same!

"Small Worlds" for those who might not know, is an attraction in Japan that re-creates both real environments as well as fictional ones in the forms of the aforementioned Tokyo-3 from Evangelion, but also the world of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. While Small Worlds is allowing fans to apply to "live" in Tokyo-3, what they actually mean is that fans will have the opportunity to create tiny three dimensional facsimiles of themselves that will be able to be placed within the borders of the city. The process of creating a tiny version of yourself in "Small Worlds" will retail for around $185 USD, taking a model of Evangelion fans an making them a permanent part of the display.

Evangelion has seen a tough year for 2020, with the final movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion film franchise being delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 giving us a finale for this new imagining of Shinji Ikari, NERV, and his fellow EVA pilots, fans are definitely anticipating the release of this final installment that seems to be the last time we might see the world of the angels for quite some time.

"Small Worlds" is hardly the first time that we've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion appear in an amusement park setting, having recently been a part of Universal Studios Japan with an attraction that teamed the Eva pilots with Shin Godzilla in a four-dimensional ride that saw the two titanic franchises clashing. With Evangelion continuing to be one of the most popular anime franchise, it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the series!

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Via SoraNews24