This Massive Neon Genesis Evangelion Statue Can Be Yours for $14,000

If you are a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, you better check how much cash you have in your savings. Earlier this year, the world was given a first-look at a massive Eva Unit-01 during a trade show in Japan. Now, the hulking statue is up for sale, and it turns out the towering figure will cost you more than a car.

The sales began recently through Kaiyodo, the brand that created this towering Evangelion statue. You can order the piece yourself online, but you will want to make sure you have the funds. After all, this statue costs a little over $14,700 USD before taxes or shipping fees are factored in.

Of course, this cost will be worth it for some fans. After all, the statue stands at over 6' tall and weighs under 150 pounds. The figure is painting in vivid detail before getting a UV coat to prevent those colors from fading. As for its design, the mech statue was brought to life by Shinobu Matsumura who is a famed sculpture artist, so you are buying a literal work of art... and paying the price for it.

Currently, this figure is available for anyone to buy, but quantities may be limited depending on the demand. You can get one of these Evangelion figures shipped in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, and Europe. So if you are outside of those regions, you will have to wait and see whether Kaiyodo expands its shipping territory. After all, the protection of an Eva Unit knows no bounds, and Angels are liable to pop up just about anywhere...!

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