Why Are One Piece Fans So Excited for Chapter 1044?

Every few years, it seems like One Piece does something that the world cannot ignore. From Marineford to Doflamingo's defeat, the series knows what it takes to break the Internet. Now, it seems the manga is getting ready to drop another earth-shattering bombshell, and it will come in just a few days. So if you are tired of seeing One Piece chapter 1044 trending, you might as well get used to it.

After all, the upcoming release has trended on social media for days now, and it will continue to do so until Weekly Shonen Jump drops its new issue. The magazine put One Piece on hiatus last week to ensure chapter 1044 fit Oda's demands, and all things are on track for its release this weekend. That hasn't stopped fans from trending the series ahead of time, and given what's at stake, it is easy to understand.

To be clear, there are few chapters in One Piece's history more anticipated than this coming release. Chapter 1043 rose the stakes of the Wano Country saga when it revealed Kaido won his match against Luffy, leaving the boy dead for all we knew. The crushing revelation left Momonosuke and Yamato shaken, but in its final moments, the manga hit up fans with one of its best cliffhangers to date.

Chapter 1044 will follow the cliffhanger and give fans an answer about the Joy Boy... but that is not all. The manga has set up some big teasers about the manga's Void Century, the truth behind Laugh Tale, and the Devil Fruit stolen by Luffy years ago. The teaser for One Piece chapter 1044 promises to unveil revelations that will change the manga's trajectory for good. So clearly, there is good reason for fans to be hyped about the release.

Of course, spoilers have cropped up for the manga, and we recommend fans avoid them until Oda's official update drops on March 27th stateside. After all, the creator has been weaving this bombshell for decades now, and it is only fair to celebrate chapter 1044 with the rest of the world. 

Will you be checking out One PieceOne Piece's new chapter as soon as it goes live? Do you have your own theories about the big update...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.