One Piece Fan Stuns with Spot-On Nico Robin Cosplay

When it comes to cosplay, fans are welcome to try just about anything they would like, and fans have done just that. Experimentation has pushed cosplaying to a whole other level, and some have managed to perfect their looks. One Piece fans aren't exempt from this as the beloved shonen has inspired thousands to dress up as members of the Straw Hat crew. That is what happened in the case of slayrizz who has shared their spot-on take of Nico Robin with her followers online.

And as you can see below, the One Piece cosplayer really did nail the look. It would be hard to do much more justice to the pirate.

"Finally!! Did someone say BEST GIRL??? I've been trying to do this cos for YEARS and now we are here," Slayrizz shared with their followers.

The One Piece cosplay is simple, but its details and posing takes it to the next level. You can see the fan is wearing the same cropped jacket as Nico does in the anime, and its neckline show as much cleavage if not more. The cropped shirt goes on to flaunt the fans' toned fans which lead to a silk skirt which is tied at the side.

The tanned look perfectly suits Nico, and this cosplay takes it to the next level with some solid sunglasses. Slayrizz even got the hair down right, so fans are ready to call it now and crown Slayrizz as one of the best Nico cosplayers out there. If Netflix needs guidance on bringing Nico to life in its live-action series, it shouldn't look any longer because this cosplay tells the crew everything they need to know.


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