One Piece Promo Reintroduces Luffy with Big Mom

The Wano Arc has seen Monkey D. Luffy having to fight his way through scores of swashbucklers, related to both the Beast Pirates and the forces of Wano's current nefarious shogun in Orochi, and it seems as if one of the biggest villains of One Piece is set to face off against the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates in Big Mom! In the manga, Big Mom's role has changed dramatically, forging a new alliance that makes the Straw Hats' mission that much more difficult in achieving the dreams of Kazuki Oden to open the borders of Wano Country!

Having arrived on the shore of Wano, Big Mom has been tearing her way across the country to kill Luffy following their initial battles numerous episodes ago, coming into contact with one of Kaido's most powerful swashbucklers in Queen. As the promo video for the next episode of One Piece shows, Episode 945, Big Mom is seemingly going to make short work of Queen and come face to face with Luffy for a potential round two. The Wano Arc is entering into the final phase of its arc in the manga, with a war unleashed that may very well swallow the island whole as countless swashbucklers descend on one another for the fate of the isolated nation!

One Piece Luffy Big Mom Reunion
(Photo: Toei Animation)

In the manga, without giving away too many spoilers, we learn a lot more about the history of Big Mom and how she had a much larger role than we originally thought. While it was clear that the swashbuckler of Cake Island has a past with Kaido, which is something that was touched upon during a previous episode of the anime, many fans won't foresee just how deep that relationship was and what the events of the past mean for the future of the Grand Line ultimately for the series of One Piece.

Eiichiro Oda has gone on record that the popular Shonen series is set to end its story within five years from this date, with Wano Arc giving us some of the biggest fights of the series to date. As the anime marches alongside the manga, the villains like Big Mom are going to give their all to finally get revenge on Luffy in his quest to become the King of the Pirates!

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