One Piece Staff Shares Statement About Manga's Last-Minute Hiatus: Read

If there is one thing we all hate, it is being sick. There is never a good time to feeling unwell, and that goes doubly for any creator who hates to let down their fans. That is how the man behind One Piece feels as the artist did inform fans the manga is taking a last-minute break this October. Now, Shonen Jump has published a statement about the delay, and it reassures fans that One Piece will be back as soon as Eiichiro Oda is feeling better.

The letter surfaced on social media recently with users like Asashi101 getting ahold of the note. It was there translations of the note were made, and you can read the editor's explanation below:

"Thank you for always reading One Piece. Because of the creator's sudden illness, One Piece will be taking a break this week. We apologize deeply to readers who are waiting eagerly," the message reads.


"In the memo, it says One Piece should publish this week, but because there's not much time, we didn't change that and for that, we're deeply sorry. We plan to publish One Piece with a color bag in WJ46 on October 17. Please keep supporting One Piece."


As you can imagine, fans have been flooding Oda with get-well wishes online. The mangaka is taking a deserved rest right now, but he is expected to bring the manga back to print on October 16. This gives him two weeks to fully recover, and everyone wishes him the best. When he comes back to work, One Piece is poised to continue one of its most impressive arcs yet, and readers are ready to experience it with Oda feeling his best. This break does mean it will be rather difficult for Oda to achieve his goal of publishing the manga's 1,000th chapter this year. But with Luffy at his side, nothing is truly impossible for the artist!

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