One Piece Announces the Tobi Roppo's Voice Cast

One Piece is pushing ahead with its take on the Wano Country arc, and the anime is thriving under the pressure. If you aren't caught up with the show, its animation and characters are all on point right now. Now, it seems a new group is about to join the anime, and these villains are coming to life thanks to a truly talented cast.

If you did not hear, the voice actors of the Tobi Roppo have been announced after a long wait. One Piece brought in some industry veterans to play these characters, so you know the War for Wano is going to be intense.

According to Shonen Jump, Yuu Kobayashi is set to voice Black Maria while Tomoyo Kurosawa plays Ulti. They will be joined by Ota Volcano who plays Sasaki and Hirofumi Nojima as Who's Who.

These new additions will make Luffy's life really difficult soon as the Tobi Roppo isn't a group to mess with. The team is the top of the top for Kaido's crew, so you can figure they're powerful. Kaido would not accept anything less from his best soldiers, so the anime better do their power justice.

Of course, One Piece readers know just how strong the group is. The Tobi Roppo members are insanely strong, and each member has found a Straw Hat to fight. Ulti and Nami have formed a feud while X Drake has gone on to do his own thing. Soon, fans will get to see these battles for themselves, and there is no doubt these new actors will do the fights justice.


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