New One Piece Episode Titles Promise More Zoro, Haki, and More

One Piece is going on strong following its hiatus earlier this year. The show made an impressive comeback last month as the Straw Hats revisited fans for the first time since March. This week saw One Piece carry forward that reputation, and it seems several new episode titles for the anime promises even better things to come.

Recently, a slew of episode titles for One Piece hit social media thanks to fans like SoulstormOP. It was there fans discovered the titles of four new episodes. Following the release of episode 932, fans know more about what's to come, and it will include Zoro along with a different sort of Haki.

You can check out the new episode titles below for episodes 933 - 936:

  • 933: “Gyukimaru - Duel on Oihagi Bridge”
  • 934: “Great Reversal! Three-sword Style Beyond Death!”
  • 935: “Zoro's Amazement! The True Identity Of The Mysterious Beauty”
  • 936: “Achieve Ryou - The Haki of Wano Country”

As you can see above, the teased titles will begin with Zoro as episodes 933 and 934 focus on the Straw Hats swordsman. It has been a while since Zoro got the spotlight in One Piece, but fans have been waiting for his moment to shine solo since Luffy arrived on the island nation. It seems that moment is on the horizon, and it will follow Zoro as he duels with a samurai on the Oihagi Bridge.

One Piece Zoro Left Eye
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As fo the final two episodes, Zoro comes into play yet again as he learns something interesting about one hero's true identity. Episode 936 will follow up with the introduction of Wano's unique Haki known as Ryou, so there's a good chance Luffy is about to master the technique with help from a certain old man. After all, the captain is never one to back down from a challenge, and this new Haki might help Luffy defeat Kaido during their fated rematch.

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