One Piece Fans Celebrate the Anime's Best Glow-up

Over the years, we've seen the Straw Hat Pirates, their allies, and their enemies change dramatically in terms of their appearance as the search for the One Piece continues, but a number of fans have agreed that one of the biggest and best "glow-ups" of the series comes in the form of the young military man known as Koby! Koby himself has come a long way since being one of the first characters introduced in the Shonen franchise created by Eiichiro Oda, and his recent appearance in the Wano Arc has once again brought the conversation back to how much he has changed!

Koby appeared in the first episode of the anime, making his presence known before Monkey D. Luffy did as a member of the Alvida Pirates, a band of swashbucklers that followed the lead of Iron Mace Alvida. Finding the courage to leave his life as a pirate and pursue a route of becoming a military man, having achieved his dream in recent years by becoming a military captain and joining the ranks of the special unit known as SWORD. In the latest episode of One Piece, we got a better look at Koby as he chatted with the undercover military member of X Drake, who is working to relay information from the isolated nation of Wano!

Reddit User Kirokuni shared a comparison between the Koby we saw in the first episode of One Piece as a member of the Alvida Pirates and the much different looking military man who has made an appearance in the 957th episode of the Shonen franchise that remains one of the biggest introduced in Weekly Shonen Jump's history:

Best Glowup? from r/OnePiece

The Wano Arc has been one of the biggest stories in the history of One Piece, as the Straw Hat Pirates attempt to free the citizens held in the grasp on an iron fist within the isolated nation by the villainous shogun Orochi, the Beast Pirates, and their captain, Kaido. Though the military hasn't had a large role to play in the proceedings for the latest Shonen arc, it's clear that their presence is sure to affect the storyline moving forward and will only add more fuel to the fire when all is said and done.

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