One Piece Cosplay Revisits Luffy's Undercover Style

The Straw Hat Pirates have worn many different outfits throughout the decades in One Piece's history, with Luffy mostly sticking to his patented red shirt but oftentimes having to wear disguises as he goes undercover throughout the various exploits in the Grand Line. With Wano Country seeing Luffy gaining a radically different look thanks to his Gear Fifth transformation, new cosplay has arrived that takes us back to Luffy's time during the Dressrosa Arc, in which Luffy wore a different shirt along with sporting a hilariously fake beard.

During the Wano Arc, Luffy found himself sporting a new look to fit into the isolated nation, with the storming of Onigashima seeing the Straw Hats sporting even more radical looks to take on the appearance of the Beast Pirates. With Gear Fifth transforming Luffy into a living cartoon, while also changing his hair color from a dark black to a stark white, the Straw Hat Captain hasn't just taken on a drastically new appearance but has also gained a number of new abilities thanks to his life or death battle against Kaido. As the Final Arc continues to play out in One Piece's manga, we wouldn't be surprised to see Luffy and company gaining more new looks before the Shonen series draws to a close

Instagram Cosplayer Kyoko Star 000 shared this new take on Luffy that made an appearance during the fight against Doflamingo during the Dressorsa Arc, with the One Piece fan even taking the opportunity to sport the hilarious white beard that didn't do much of a job of hiding Monkey's identity:

While Gear Fifth has given Luffy a major makeover, the transformation which might be Monkey's most powerful overall has yet to appear in the anime adaptation as of yet, though its arrival is imminent if the anime is following the manga to the letter. The War For Wano Arc was one of the biggest battles in the Straw Hats' history and rest assured, the world of the Grand Line will never be the same following its conclusion.


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