One Piece's Creator Talks The Ending of The Series

The long-awaited finale of One Piece is right around the corner, with Eiichiro Oda spending years hinting at the fact that Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates' journey is ready to come to a close. With the Shonen mangaka taking a break to prepare for the last ride of the Straw Hats, the artist has revealed some new information when it comes to the series finale along with the idea that this last journey will be the biggest that followers of One Piece have seen to date.     

In a recent blurb to fans, Eiichiro Oda discussed creating the final arc of his long-running series and how he has been planning the Final Act ever since he was a kid:

"When I was a kid, I thought to myself: man I would love to draw a manga with the most hyped final stage! I wonder if I'm up to it! Now, we have only a tiny bit of Wano Arc left, the preparations are almost done. Took me twenty-five years lol. That said, it's fine if you start reading from this point on because from this point on, it'll be (the) ONE PIECE! The mysteries of this world, I'll be drawing all of them! It'll be super interesting! Fasten your seatbelt and please stay with me for a bit longer."

Despite being the Deus ex machine of the series, the One Piece treasure is still a mystery, with the closest hint that fans have been given being its discovery in a flashback sequence by Gol D. Roger, Kozuki Oden, and various other swashbucklers of the past. In previous snippets, Oda has confirmed that he is well aware of what the treasure is, having shared this information with his editors over time, and is sure to reveal its mysteries in this final storyline.

One Piece has been telling the story of Luffy and his Straw Hats for decades at this point, traveling to the corners of the seas known as the Grand Line, and it's clear that Oda is ramping up to have the finale be the biggest storyline of the series to date, and end things with a band. 

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Via Twitter Scotch Informer