One Piece Reveals The Original Hybrid Form of Kaido

Kaido earned his place as one of the biggest villains to ever be introduced throughout the Shonen series of One Piece, with the Captain of the Beast Pirates holding Wano Country in the palm of his hand for years. One Piece's manga recently brought the War For Wano Arc to a close, and with it, creator Eiichiro Oda is releasing unused sketches that were originally planned for the saga, with recent art giving us an idea of what Kaido's hybrid dragon form might have looked like.            

Kaido was easily one of the strongest, if not the strongest, foes that Monkey D. Luffy had to battle in his quest to become the King of the Pirates, with the Straw Hat Captain finding himself losing time after time against the Beast Pirate's dragon form. During the battle of the War for Wano, Kaido revealed another ace up his sleeve in which he was able to combine his human form with that of his massive dragon appearance, seemingly giving himself the best of both worlds. In fighting against Luffy, Kaido's strength helped the Straw Hat learn how to access his newest transformation in Gear Fifth, setting the stage for the final arc of the Shonen series while also revealing some big secrets when it comes to Monkey's Devil Fruit. 

Eiichiro Oda's original designs for Kaido's hybrid form looked far different than what we eventually saw in both the manga and the anime, with the mangaka originally giving the Beast Pirate captain a long neck and more dragon-like head that definitely combined his two forms into one:

As mentioned earlier, Eiichiro Oda is currently working on the final saga of One Piece, though the mangaka hasn't revealed exactly how many chapters the Shonen series has before it draws to a close. With Kaido being defeated by Luffy at the end of the War for Wano, it should be interesting to see if the Beast Pirate Captain will have a role to play or if his time in the series has come to an end following his big defeat.

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