'One Piece' Fans Definitely Noticed Its Latest Fan Service

When it comes to anime, the idea of fan service has become a hot topic. The fandom has trouble agreeing on whether the trope is a harmful one, but very few will say fan service is easy to ignore. One Piece just proved that rule with its latest episode, and fans definitely noticed.

This weekend, One Piece shared its 819th episode, and the update saw Monkey D. Luffy and Nami get freed from their prison. The pair had been cuffed under Big Mom's watch after the Straw Hat pirates were captured trying to save Sanji. Jinbe was made a surprise appearance to save the duo in One Piece's last episode, and their following escape did a number on Nami.

Well, Nami's clothes really.

Nami Wardrobe Change

As you can see above, One Piece was not afraid to focus on Nami and her - well - damaged shirt. During its latest episode, the anime closed in on Nami as she kneeled in exhaustion with her arm bracing her bosom. Nami was showing ample cleavage since her white undershirt had basically been ripped to shreds, and fans are not sure how the navigator avoid a nip-slip.

After Nami came to her senses, the heroine managed to find some new clothes. A close-up showed the girl shimmying into some tight overalls with all kinds cleavage room. Nami had to force her breasts into the overall's top-half, and some fans found themselves drooling over the naughty moment.

Of course, One Piece did not make up this fan service scene just for the anime. Eiichiro Oda penned a similar scene in the manga, but Nami's brazen bosom was not put in so much focus. The anime drew out the bouncy moment, and the fandom has been mixed with its reception.

There's no problem with Nami showing off skin; If the girl wants to, she is more than free to flaunt it. Fans appear to be arguing over the purpose of the gratuitous fan service, and you can add to that conversation online.


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