One Piece Film: Red's Blu-Ray Catches The Wind

One Piece Film: Red's Blu-Ray is a worthy vessel that is rough around the edges.

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One Piece Film: Red recently made its way to Crunchyroll's streaming service, but the animated movie that became the biggest in the history of the shonen series also released a physical copy earlier this summer (currently 43% off on Amazon). The movie explores the Straw Hat Pirates coming into contact with the "ultimate diva" known as Uta, who also just so happens to be the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks. While the movie is currently streaming, the Blu-ray might just be worth your time to witness Luffy and company sailing the Grand Line in a feature-length film.

One Piece Film: Red as a film was one of the best that the anime adaptation has offered to date, as the movie itself has plenty of action and emotional beats to welcome back Shanks to the series. Offering the Straw Hats quite a few new outfits during its run time, Red creates an interesting story for Luffy and his crew to navigate, especially when it comes to how they approach Uta. Shanks' return might be a tad disappointing for fans that were expecting a full-blown reunion between the red-haired swashbuckler and his mentee, but there's plenty for all the characters involved to do in the movie's runtime.

One Piece Film: Red Blu-Ray Bonuses

One of the biggest bonuses that is included in the recent One Piece release is the inclusion of the three original episodes of the One Piece anime series that focus on Luffy's past with Uta. Including installments "A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired's Daughter Uta!", "A Pledge for the New Genesis! Luffy and Uta!", and "The Captain's Log of The Legend! Red-Haired Shanks!", the physical copy does tell a complete story across the board. On top of these episodes, the Blu-Ray disc also includes an extra episode in "The Captain's Log of The Legend! Red-Haired Shanks!" 

While these episodes are a welcome addition, additional bonuses are a bit sparse as they simply include trailers and web previews for the film. Commentary tracks and/or additional features might have helped push this Blu-ray disc to be the ultimate sea-worthy vessel for One Piece Film: Red, but it still makes for a ship worth sailing if you have yet to catch the shonen franchise's fifteenth film.

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